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Line Shopping is a Must!

August 28, 2018
betting online - shopping for best odds

One of the clearest advantages of betting online is the quick access to all the shops. If you were in Vegas, on foot, you’d have to Uber or Taxi ride all day to place your various bets at different shops. Although, the sportsbooks are now coming online so that is becoming less of an issue. However, for the last 20+ years, the online gambler can log in at several sportsbooks at once and take advantage of the best line available.

Just this afternoon I was able to get 5X the value on a college football futures bet. You read that right, it paid five times better than the next sportsbook. I took a team at Sportsbook A at +20,000. Meanwhile, Sportsbook B had them at +4,000. And other sportsbooks had this same team at +12,000 and +15,000 respectively. Each company has its own offerings depending on the action they have received thus far. And it is YOUR JOB to price shop.


I recommend three online sportsbook accounts as the right amount. Its not too many, to where you get disorientated. And three sportsbooks should give you a good cross section of available lines. Make sure they are not owned by the same company, or you will likely get similar lines.