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  • top 5 online sportsbooks for 2024

    Top 5 Online Sportsbooks for 2024

    The ever-changing sports betting landscape makes it necessary for us to update our list of top rated sportsbooks every year. You will often see ratings change on our sportsbook rating database through...
  • Current Sportsbook Bonus Offers

    Updated Current Sportsbook Bonuses & Promo Codes – June 2024

    It always helps to know which sportsbooks are offering the best bonuses. It also helps to know if the sportsbook offering the bonus is on the up-and-up. That’s why our site was started back in 2...
  • betting online

    Why Bettors Need an Offshore Sportsbook

    There are many reasons why bettors need an offshore sportsbook. We’ll look at some of them. Key Points Offshore sportsbooks are often the only option for bettors who are in an area where sports bett...
  • Online-Sportsbooks

    Some Important Benefits Of Choosing Online Sportsbooks

    Those days are past when you have to travel to Las Vegas for placing sports bet or have to use your thumb as the collateral with the local bookmaker. For a long time, people are looking for an easier ...
  • Parlay risks and rewards

    Live by the Parlay – Die by the Parlay

    The parlay bet offers casual sports betting fans the ability to bet as little as possible to win large sums. The practice of tagging picks together to increase the payout exponentially has been around...
  • sports wagering offshore vs local

    Five Reasons Why Betting Offshore Is So Attractive

    When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May of 2018, it opened up legal sports gambling in the U.S. Nevada was the only state in the country where ...
  • frustrated bettor

    Sportsbooks That Limit Bet Size

    Sportsbooks are in the business of taking sports bets. That is their sole mission in life. So why in the world would a sportsbook place a limit on how much you can bet on a game? There are actually se...
  • KYC - Know Your Customer

    What is the ‘Know Your Customer’ Rule at Sportsbooks?

    Know your customer aka KYC is a rule that has been in place for some time now at many online sportsbooks. In an effort to crack down on fraud, sportsbooks implemented this rule. Essentially, they ask ...
  • What to look for in an online sportsbook

    What Makes an Online Sportsbook Great?

    Online sports wagering has been around for nearly 25 years. The ease of use and convenience has made it a very popular activity. Over this period of time there have been many online sportsbooks. Many ...
  • Tiz the Law

    Belmont Stakes is Good to Go – Betting Odds

    Earlier this month it was announced that the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby would be rescheduled for September 5th. The Kentucky Derby, as you may know, is the first leg of the very popular ̶...

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