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Sports Betting is a WIN for America

September 3, 2018
brand new sportsbook mississippi

This weekend was the first full slate of college football games. The NFL season doesn’t kick off until next weekend. The sportsbooks in the five U.S. states that currently have sports betting were a buzz. Fans poured in to throw down some cash on their picks.

Reports from the web are that the sportsbooks were very busy indeed. And even though the official numbers wont be available for some time, we can assume that the handle in both established sportsbooks, as well as brand new sportsbooks, set records.

Here are some Tweets backing that theory:

Established sportsbook (Las Vegas):

New Sportsbook (Mississippi):

Much of the sportsbook revenue is kept by the companies which own the casino/racetrack where they are housed. But, each states is also collecting a fee. To see which states are currently pursuing the sports betting option you can visit this map.

Sports betting is expected to grow tremendously in the next five years. In fact, one report offers the notion that as many as 32 states will have legal sports betting in that time.

A sports betting report created in May of 2017 by Oxford Economics said that if 40 states legalized sports betting it would contribute $4 Billion to the work force and $22 Billion to the GDP.