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Sports Betting is a WIN for America

September 3, 2018

This weekend was the first full slate of college football games. The NFL season doesn’t kick off until next weekend. The sportsbooks in the five U.S. states that currently have sports betting were a buzz. Fans poured in to throw down some cash on their picks. Reports from the web are that the sportsbooks were […]

NCAA Stance Remains the Same on Sports Betting, Certain Schools Want a Fee

July 23, 2018

The NCAA has said it remains opposed to receiving monies from legalized sports betting, while a number of universities look at the possibility of individually receiving revenues. The NCAA said it remains focused on protecting its student athletes and at the same time the integrity of the game via education and a consistent set of […]

Executive with NFLPA Concerned Over Sports Betting and Athlete’s Privacy

July 15, 2018

On Friday, an executive with the NFL Players’ Association told a group of state legislators and officials for the gaming industry that players are worried about what the expanded legal sports betting would mean for them in their on-field and private lives. Casey Schwab the NFLPA’s Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs said serious […]

Americans in Favor of Legalizing Sports Betting

September 30, 2017

In the U.S., sports betting has been banned in all but four states dating back to 1992, but a just published poll shows that a majority of adults in the country support changing the law. University of Massachusetts at Lowell conducted a recent study with The Washington Post that found 55% of adults in the […]

Ratings for NFL Week 1 Down, Could Legalized Sports Betting Help?

September 17, 2017

During Week 1 of the 2017 NFL regular season ratings were down by 13% as compared to 2016. Supporters of legalizing sports betting argue that the industry would play a big role in ending the drop in viewers. NFL executives have blamed both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma for dismal Week 1 viewership saying that […]

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Believes Sports Betting Law Will Change

July 23, 2017

This summer across the United States sports betting has been a popular topic, in a big part due to the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing late last month to hear the appeal by New Jersey in the state’s quest to offer sports betting. This week sports betting was once again at the forefront in New York […]

New Campaign to Legalize Sports Betting Backed by Casino Industry

June 14, 2017

This week officials from the casino industry launched a new campaign that wants sports betting legalized, which is something officials in New Jersey have been attempting to do for many years. Casinos are behind the American Sports Betting Coalition, a new group trying to convince Congress to repeal a 1992 federal law that allows wagering […]

Professional Sports Leagues Inching Closer to Supporting Sports Betting

May 14, 2017

At one time, all U.S. Professional sports leagues had the exact same opinion related to sports betting, because of PASPA, which is legislation that bans sports betting,  was passed. However, today it is quite obvious that the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB do not have the same opinion any longer. The NFL has kept it […]

March Madness Puts Legalized Sports Betting in the Spotlight

March 18, 2017

Nearly every news and sports site online has been full of articles about lifting the ban on sports betting. A study shows that despite a federal law existing that bans sports betting, the NCAA tournament that started on Thursday and runs through Monday April 3, will have millions of Americans wagering either through a bracket, […]

West Virginia Part of Growing List to Legalize Sports Betting

March 3, 2017

The state of West Virginia joined the list of state trying to add sports betting to its list of options of legal gaming. On Wednesday of this week, a group of 11 bipartisan members of the West Virginia’s legislature filed a measure that would authorize the state’s Lottery Commission to set up new rules for […]