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SBA Named Top 5 Sports Betting Blog

October 5, 2018
Best Sports Betting Blog

This post isn’t being created as simply a bragging piece about being chosen as top five sports betting blog online by feedspot (award given to top 20). Although, we are proud of that, we really wanted to share the feedspot experience with you as well. The company allows you to choose your favorite blogs and access them all from one dashboard.

There have been plenty of other RSS feed accumulators that served similar a function, but those were cumbersome. They required you to go to each site, find the RSS feed button and add manually. Many times the sites didn’t have the button displayed so you would have to do a google search and so on.

Feedspot allows you to choose from a list of the top blogs as well as search for them from their console. You get a nice, well organized email in your inbox every day which you can click directly from without having to sign in. You can easily customize how often the email is sent or turn off those notifications altogether.


feedspot reviewThere is a small fee for this service. Nothing in life is for free (except our picks). It is $2.99 a month (or $1.99 a month if all paid up front). There may even be some free month promo codes floating around out there.

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