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Weekend Betting was a Mixed Bag for the Sportsbooks

November 20, 2018
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Its been an up and down year thus far for the sportsbooks, but more ups than down. This past weekend was a mild winner for the books heading into Monday night.

Here is what George from top online sportsbook said: “This weekend was solid for the books.  Some of the bigger games were Carolina losing to the Lions and Denver beating the Chargers. Both huge games. On the other hand we couldn’t keep them off the Saints and they won easy. Tons of ATC this weekend as so many games landed close to the number.”

Heading into the biggest Monday night game of the year, the sportsbooks needed it to stay Under the total of 64. The spread of Rams -3 was locked in pretty much most of the week but some books got burned when they had Chiefs +3.5 out there and the public jumped on it.

As you know, the game was a super high scoring affair and considered an instant classic. The over was busted early and the Rams won by exactly 3 points, making it a push for the books. We advised our readers to take Rams moneyline -150.

The MNF game was a big loser for the sportsbooks as witnessed here: