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A Great College Bowl Statistic

December 20, 2018

You could have had a huge “Return On Investment” the last three(3) years by identifying Underdogs who covered.

Because 66.04% of the underdogs who covered won their games outright!

Bowl Results
(not including pushes, or 1/2 pt decisions)

Favorites who won: 20
Dogs who covered: 18
Dogs who covered and also won: 15

Favorites who won: 17
Dogs who covered: 20
Dogs who covered and also won: 9

Favorites who won: 23
Dogs who covered: 15
Dogs who covered and also won: 11

One more thought….
One of my biggest “pet peeves” are those reposting on forums(politics or sports) without checking facts.

On Monday, I made the mistake of backing the Saints to cover.

The majority of my analysis focused on the Panthers inability to score. I was right, but never thought that New Orleans would have such an anemic offensive output.

Anyway…. later I read many posts from handicappers with great “20/20” hindsight, advising that it’s foolish to back an out of town favorite, because they never cover.

So…. I did the research.
Your Figures for 2018:
33 Home Dogs Covered
30 Home Dogs Didn’t.

Absolutely NOT enough to make this one of your handicapping angles.

Do your Homework.
It does pays off in the long run.

Contributed by John Rothschild
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