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Outcome of NCAA Championship Game Betting Odds

April 6, 2019
bet outcome of ncaa tournament now

You can bet a variety of things when it comes to semi-championship or championship games. There are many props and “if bets”.

One bet that has become popular is the betting of the outcome of the NCAA Championship game, before the exact teams are even known.

Betting on the main game lines is by far most popular, followed by moneyline and total game betting. But, betting scenarios like these mentioned below have become increasingly popular since online sportsbooks have made them more available.

In the same vein as betting future outcomes is “look ahead lines”. These look ahead lines are the point spreads you can bet before the games are set in stone.

Outcome of NCAA Championship Game Betting Odds

Virginia defeat Michigan State+300
Michigan State defeat Virginia+350
Virginia defeat Texas Tech+450
Michigan State defeat Auburn+600
Texas Tech defeat Virginia+600
Auburn defeat Texas Tech+1000
Texas Tech defeat Auburn+1000
Auburn defeat Michigan State+1200