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Volatile NBA Futures Market

July 2, 2019
Lakers heavy favorites to win it all

The NBA off-season has been one of the most active and entertaining in recent years. Kawhi Leonard, MVP in the NBA Finals, is just part of the headline news. Other top players have been relocating as well. Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irvin just to name a few.

With all this movement, it has been hard for sportsbooks to continually update their betting futures for the NBA Championship. Many sportsbooks have left the option off-the-board until the player movement settles. Online sportsbook told us “We aren’t offering NBA futures right now because of all the trades and Free agency pickups. Don’t have any information to give. If Kawhi goes to the Lakers expect the Lakers to be an even heavier favorite.” This sentiment is echoed by many other sportsbooks.

Immediately after the Raptors won the final game last month the first odds posted had Golden State heavily favored to win it all in 2020 and the Lakers were about nine spots down. But LA was on the move up and Golden State would fall.

The Brooklyn Nets moved up some after their two huge free agent signings. The Warriors did not drop all that much but I expect them to drop a little more. Miami and New Orleans remain in the middle of the pack. But I bet that you won’t be seeing the Pelicans this low for years to come.

Los Angeles Lakers+175
Milwaukee Bucks+700
Philadelphia 76ers+900
Golden State Warriors+1000
Houston Rockets+1000
Toronto Raptors+1000
Boston Celtics+1400
Brooklyn Nets+1600
Denver Nuggets+1600
Los Angeles Clippers+1600
Utah Jazz+1800
Portland Trail Blazers+2500
Oklahoma City Thunder+2800
Dallas Mavericks+4000
Indiana Pacers+4000
New Orleans Pelicans+4000
San Antonio Spurs+5000
Miami Heat+6600
New York Knicks+8000
Sacramento Kings+8000
Atlanta Hawks+10000
Minnesota Timberwolves+10000
Orlando Magic+10000
Chicago Bulls+15000
Memphis Grizzlies+15000
Washington Wizards+15000
Detroit Pistons+20000
Charlotte Hornets+25000
Cleveland Cavaliers+25000
Phoenix Suns+25000