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  • MLB Trade Rumors July 2021

    Latest MLB Trade Rumors

    The Major League Baseball trade deadline is July 30, and with this year’s return to a full season of baseball, we should see a return to the flurry of activity in the final 24 hours of trading. Joey...

  • Usmand Odds July 11, 2020

    UFC Fight Island Odds – Free Pick and Action Report

    Dana White, the inventor and manager of UFC, is really a marketing genius and innovator. He has brought UFC from a little known fringe-sport to a full fledged main attraction. And never have his talen...

  • Lakers heavy favorites to win it all

    Volatile NBA Futures Market

    The NBA off-season has been one of the most active and entertaining in recent years. Kawhi Leonard, MVP in the NBA Finals, is just part of the headline news. Other top players have been relocating as ...