Area 51 Prop Bets

July 16, 2019
prop bets and odds surrounding area 51 event

There is a bunch of noise on social media about how people want to storm area 51, the not-so-secret-anymore government base located at Groom Lake in Nevada. The lake and facility sit about an hour north of Las Vegas and are known throughout the world as the supposed location of all types of secret programs. Most notably, the location is thought to house aliens and/or alien technology recovered by the U.S. Government.

Facebook and Twitter nerds have taken their curiosity to the next level and are now trying to organize a storming of the facility. There is actually an event scheduled on Facebook that people can “RSVP” to attend and participate in this activity.

Sportsbooks like to offer props that involve hot topics. This is no exception. Offshore sportsbook Bovada has issued props that revolve around this supposed event. We have listed them below:

How Many People Will RSVP “Going” To The Event “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” On Facebook?

Over 1.51 million -400
Under 1.51 million +250

Will President Trump Tweet A Warning Not To Raid Area 51 Before September 20th?

No -510
Yes +305

Will Area 51 Will Be Raided On September 20, 2019?

No -400
Yes +250

Whatever you choose to bet, good luck and may you live long and prosper.