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  • Uncut gems sports betting movie review

    Sports Betting Movie Review – Uncut Gems

    Today I want to review the film “Uncut Gems”, the 2019 movie starring Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett. I want to go over some of the betting which occurs in the story. The movie was set in ...

  • prop bets and odds surrounding area 51 event

    Area 51 Prop Bets

    There is a bunch of noise on social media about how people want to storm area 51, the not-so-secret-anymore government base located at Groom Lake in Nevada. The lake and facility sit about an hour nor...

  • mars space travel odds betting odds

    Mars Landing Odds

    The topic of a human landing on Mars has been in the zeitgeist for the last 50-60 years. Can a human land on Mars?Can we make it happen? Putting a man on the moon proved that a Mars landing is feasibl...