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Odds for Democratic Nominee for the 2020 Election

August 1, 2019
democrat candidate odds

The Democrats had their “debate” the last two nights where they all tried to out-virtue-signal one another and promised free things for everyone.

If you had the stomach to watch all of that then maybe you were able to pick out the candidate most likely to secure the nomination for the Democratic party.

You can use this knowledge and foresight to profit. Sportsbooks are now offering odds on which candidate is most likely to secure the nod.

The payout listed below are based on a $100 wager. If the candidate is +400 for example, a $100 wager would pay $100 (plus you receive your $100 wager back).

Do you think you know who will get the nomination? Is it a dark horse? Why not cash in?

Democratic Nominee for the 2020 Election

Elizabeth Warren+300
Joe Biden+300
Kamala Harris+300
Bernie Sanders+700
Pete Buttigieg+800
Andrew Yang+1200
Tulsi Gabbard+2000
Beto ORourke+3300
Cory Booker+3300
Amy Klobuchar+6600
Julian Castro+6600
Bill de Blasio+10000
Jay Inslee+10000
John Hickenlooper+10000
Kirsten Gillibrand+10000
Michael Bennett+10000
Seth Moulton+10000