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  • election results payout

    Have Sportsbooks Declared a Winner in the Presidential Election?

    One way you can get a true reading on how something is really shaking out is by what Vegas (or offshore) are doing with the odds on the subject matter. Sportsbooks are not in the business of predictin...
  • 2020 election odds updated

    Biden Now Two to One Favorite to Win Election

    We seem to be going down the same road as 2016 when the odds start creeping really hard to the then democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. They got as high as Hillary 6-1 favorite before the cut off. Thi...
  • Trump Reelection Odds Updated

    Despite Virus & Civil Unrest Trump Still Favored in Electoral College Odds

    However, Trump is a pretty heavy underdog to in the popular voting odds. In the end, we all know that the electoral college is the on that matters and is used for actually putting the person in office...
  • Joe Biden's VP Nominee

    Who is Favored to be the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee?

    Politics. I know… Politics right? (eye roll). Many of us are all worn out on the subject. It seems like not a day goes by that we aren’t hit over the head with one side bashing the other. ...
  • Andrew Cuomo

    President Odds – Andrew Cuomo Moves into Third Place

    Don’t look now, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who isn’t even technically running for President, has moved solidly into third place on the official betting odds listed at ...
  • Sanders campaigning

    Updated Presidential Odds March 2020

    Its about that time for another update on the presidential odds for the 2020 election. The democrats have been battling one another on TV and news media to see who can be the most socialist and phony-...
  • 2020 election odds update

    2020 Election Odds – Trump – Bernie – Biden – Bloomberg

    Earlier this week the President was acquitted of charges against him. Now that is over the country turns their attention to the election which is just 9 months away. Its obvious Trump will represent t...
  • democrat candidate odds

    Odds for Democratic Nominee for the 2020 Election

    The Democrats had their “debate” the last two nights where they all tried to out-virtue-signal one another and promised free things for everyone. If you had the stomach to watch all of tha...
  • 2020 election odds

    2020 Presidential Odds

    The political landscape has not been this charged in many years in the United States. Many people blame one single man for the schism without seeing the reason why so many people are supporting him. T...
  • AOC pic courtesy of wikipedia

    Updated Presidential Odds for 2020

    We rarely get into the political arena. In fact, the only time we do is when it comes to the odds of a particular person or party winning a high office. This blog is no different. We are not getting i...

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