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Line Shopping for Best Futures Odds Pays Big

Scott Morris | October 14, 2019
sshopping for best futures odds makes you money

We have discussed in many previous articles the advantage of having multiple sportsbook accounts.

You can shop for individual lines that add up to make a real difference in your bank role.

By the end of the season you can improve your winnings by as much as 5-10% just by having the occasional half point advantage.

This philosophy also applies to futures. Futures odds vary more than individual game lines do and therefore you can make a handsome penny in the difference.

In this article I am posting the odds for the four teams left in the hunt for the MLB World Series title. I will use four of our top rated sportsbooks as example.

Scenario 1: If you want to bet $1000 on the favorite team (in this case Houston Astros), the winning bet would pay $1500 at BetOnline. Whereas, if you shopped a little and bet it at BetOdds or YouWager, you just made yourself an extra hundred bucks. If you have all four accounts funded, this extra hundred bucks you made took little more energy than logging into a few websites.

Sceanario 2: You want to put $500 on the longer-shot St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. You bet that particular future at BetOnline at +1200. The Cards win the world Series and you made 6000 bucks. Woo-hoo! But if you had multiple funded accounts, you could have bet that future at BetOdds or YouWager and won $7500! That is a $1500 extra payoff for simply shopping. Five minutes of your time. Do you make $1500 in five minutes at your job? Yeah, I don’t either.

The odds listed here are accurate as of me writing this article but are not in any way indicative of the line difference you will see between these particular books. People bet differently at these shops and it affects their live odds. Your job is to take advantage of the best odds available for you at a particular moment. There have been millions of dollars left on the table in the history of sports betting because the player don’t do simple line shopping.

Happy hunting!

  • SBA Staff


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