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  • 2020 world series odds

    2020 MLB Championship Futures Odds

    The Washington Nationals pulled off an amazing upset over the heavily favored Houston Astros. The Nationals weren’t exactly a long shot at the start of the MLB season but they weren’t near...
  • Nats worlds series odds

    World Series Odds Updated and Game Three

    After losing game one of the World Series to the Nationals, the Astros were still favored to win it all. They went from -220 favorites before the series, down to -117 favored after losing game one. No...
  • world series odds and schedule

    2019 World Series Odds – World Series Schedule and Pitching

    The big series is upon us and first pitch is tomorrow night at 8pm ET. The game will be broadcast on FOX. The Houston Astros are taking on the Washington nationals and the Astros have home field advan...
  • sshopping for best futures odds makes you money

    Line Shopping for Best Futures Odds Pays Big

    We have discussed in many previous articles the advantage of having multiple sportsbook accounts. You can shop for individual lines that add up to make a real difference in your bank role. By the end ...
  • MLB divisional series odds 2019

    MLB Playoffs Divisional Series Odds for 2019

    The one game play-ins are done and the MLB playoff brackets are set for the the MLB Post-Season 2019. Lat night the Rays of Tampa were able to show the A’s of Oakland why they have been a thorn ...
  • World Series Odds updated

    World Series Odds – Down to 13 Teams

    The MLB regular season is just about over. There are 12 playoff spots in total. 4 of them are one game play-in games. There are a handful of teams fighting for position and one team (of the 13 possibl...
  • Indians take the division lead favored to win divison

    Indians Sling Shot Past Twins for Division Lead

    Baseball is a long and sometimes arduous season, especially if you bet a futures bet that is collapsing before your eyes. Betting futures can be profitable and fun. But, for those who bet the Twins to...
  • MLB exposures

    Sportsbook Exposure Report on MLB Futures

    With the baseball in the backstretch of the season, it is a good time to sit down and examine sportsbook’s heaviest exposures. If you are not hip to gambling jargon, this means we will examine w...
  • Astros vs Texans Game Pick July 11, 2019

    Thursday Night MLB Free Pick – Rangers vs Astros

    The MLB will creep back into its 2019 season with a single game on Thursday night. The All-Star break showcase the games top talent and entertained spectators with events like the HR Derby and the All...
  • Josh Bell Home Run Derby Odds

    2019 Home Run Derby Odds and Pick

    The Home Run Derby is not far away at this point. Tomorrow, July 8th Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH, the Derby will take place. Check your local listings. With Chritian Yeldich now out with a back i...

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