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2020 Election Odds Update – Trump More Heavily Favored than Ever

January 8, 2020
Presidential Odds

As election time draws nearer, it is becoming more obvious that a single candidate for the Democratic party is not capturing the public imagination. The latest odds seem to reflect that.

There isn’t much public confidence in the democratic front-runner Joe Biden. Every news clip on social media seems to be a video of him babbling kind-of incoherently or saying something can be taken as creepy.

President Trump’s presidency has been marred by all types of accusations and potential scandal. But none of it seeming to stick. Even with yet another conflict brewing in the Middle East the President seems to have the full confidence of his party.

According to a website called has posted stats that reflect a 53.4% disapproval rate. This would seem to suggest that if Democrats could put together an experienced, well-liked candidate that wasn’t so extreme left, they could easily garner victory.

Perhaps one day a third party candidate will lead these odds, one never knows.

Odds provided by online sportsbook

Donald Trump-185
Joe Biden+425
Bernie Sanders+700
Elizabeth Warren+1200
Michael Bloomberg+1600
Pete Buttigieg+1800
Andrew Yang+3000
Hillary Clinton+3000