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  • Odds on US President posted February 2024

    Trump Now Heavy Favorite to Win Election at Sportsbooks

    Sportsbooks are not in the business of predicting outcomes. They are in the business of posting odds that are attractive to both sides of the event. They make their money from the vig, a fee which is ...
  • Trump odds 2024

    Trump Now Heavy Favorite to be Next President

    Donald Trump, perhaps the most controversial president in American history, is now favored to be the next President of the United States by a margin of 2/1. A lot of factors went into making the odds ...
  • desantis odds

    2024 Party Candidate Odds – Politics

    Politics seem to be more prominent in every day life than I can remember in my 45 years on this earth. It seems that every facet of life is affected some narrative or agenda which all leads to a polit...
  • election results payout

    Have Sportsbooks Declared a Winner in the Presidential Election?

    One way you can get a true reading on how something is really shaking out is by what Vegas (or offshore) are doing with the odds on the subject matter. Sportsbooks are not in the business of predictin...
  • 2020 election odds updated

    Biden Now Two to One Favorite to Win Election

    We seem to be going down the same road as 2016 when the odds start creeping really hard to the then democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. They got as high as Hillary 6-1 favorite before the cut off. Thi...
  • VP Odds 2020

    Political Betting Odds – Biden’s VP Choice – Overall Winner Odds

    The political landscape has never been more divisive nor charged with energy. It seems a lot more than usual is on the line for the 2020 Presidential election cycle. For many people, this stuff is lif...
  • Andrew Cuomo

    President Odds – Andrew Cuomo Moves into Third Place

    Don’t look now, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who isn’t even technically running for President, has moved solidly into third place on the official betting odds listed at ...
  • 2020 election odds update

    2020 Election Odds – Trump – Bernie – Biden – Bloomberg

    Earlier this week the President was acquitted of charges against him. Now that is over the country turns their attention to the election which is just 9 months away. Its obvious Trump will represent t...
  • Presidential Odds

    2020 Election Odds Update – Trump More Heavily Favored than Ever

    As election time draws nearer, it is becoming more obvious that a single candidate for the Democratic party is not capturing the public imagination. The latest odds seem to reflect that. There isnR...
  • betting odds if senate will vote to remove Donald Trump

    More Trump Odds

    Yesterday we brought you odds on WILL TRUMP LEAVE OFFICE DUE TO IMPEACHMENT? Today a few more prop bet odds have popped up. As you may know, the Democrat controlled house voted to impeach President Do...

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