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Updated Super Bowl Odds and Props

January 23, 2020
Prop Odds

The big game is just ten days away and sports bettors have been trickling in with their action. Most of it has been on the overall point spread and total. But there are a myriad of bets than can be placed on this game.

We reached out to to get a list of some of their most popular odds and props available for Super Bowl 54.

Below you can see what the odds are at this moment:

Game Point Spread

SF +1.5
KC -1.5

Game Moneyline

KC -125
SF +105

Total Points (Over/Under): 54

First Half Points: 26.5

Total Points Scored (Over/Under)

KC 27.5
SF 27

More First Downs in Game

KC -118
SF -111

Team to Score First

KC -127
SF -102

Team to Score Last

KC -114
SF -114

Three Straight Scores by Either Team

Yes -233
No +175 (I really like this one)

Defensive or Special Teams Score by Either Team

Yes +185
No -250

Safety Scored by Either Team

Yes +697
No -1429

Will SF Score on First Drive?

Yes +135
No -175

Will KC Score on First Drive

Yes +106
No -139

Will There be Overtime

Yes +722
No -1667

Check back later for a full list of player props for Super Bowl 54

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