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MLB Futures – 2020 Championship Odds

January 25, 2020
Baseball odds

Baseball has been in the news a lot lately with the development that the Houston Astros allegedly cheated their way through the 2017 championship season. Apparently they used technology (outfield camera) to relay stolen pitch signs to the dug out who then relayed it to the hitter with a code noise.

Some of the other notable cheating moments in MLB are the steroid scandal of the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and the Black Sox cheating scandal of 1919. There are many small incidents in between, many of them revolving around corked bats, pitching while rubbing the ball with a foreign substance and many other accusations of sign stealing.

With all that in mind, the updated 2020 MLB championship odds are available. You can bet these odds now to lock them in. The odds will change as the preseason gets underway in a little more than three weeks from now.

Houston dropped from the number one overall spot since the early release back in November. This is because management members have been fired and draft picks have been stripped.

The Yankees are the overall favorites at +350. The Bronx Bombers haven’t won it all since 2009.

New York Yankees+350
Los Angeles Dodgers+600
Houston Astros+700
Atlanta Braves+1000
New York Mets+1400
Philadelphia Phillies+1400
Washington Nationals+1400
St.Louis Cardinals+1600
Chicago Cubs+2000
Cleveland Indians+2000
Los Angeles Angels+2000
Minnesota Twins+2000
Tampa Bay Rays+2000
Boston Red Sox+2500
Chicago White Sox+2500
Milwaukee Brewers+2500
San Diego Padres+2500
Oakland Athletics+2800
Arizona Diamondbacks+3300
Cincinnati Reds+3300
Texas Rangers+5000
Colorado Rockies+8000
San Francisco Giants+10000
Seattle Mariners+10000
Toronto Blue Jays+10000
Pittsburgh Pirates+15000
Baltimore Orioles+25000
Detroit Tigers+25000
Kansas City Royals+25000
Miami Marlins+25000