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  • Game 6 World Series Free Pick

    Game 6 World Series Preview and Pick

    The Rays are backed into a 3-2 corner with the Dodgers threatening to ruin their dreams of winning their first World Series in franchise history. The Dodgers seem to be much too much for Rays at times...
  • Rays Game 4 odds

    World Series Game 4 Odds – Updated Series Odds

    Its a seesaw battle and currently the seesaw is currently tilted toward the Dodgers side of the playground. They lead 2-1 and are favored to win tonight’s game. In fact, you can pretty much bet ...
  • Game 3 world series odds

    World Series Game 3 and Overall Series Odds Update

    The World Series has been an exciting one for those die hard fans of baseball and sports bettors alike. Even though World Series ratings are suffering their lowest point in the modern era, action for ...
  • World Series 2020

    Public Betting Report Game One of World Series

    In three hours time the Tampa Bay Rays and their $23M payroll will take on the second most spendy team in the league, LA Dodgers ($77M). Odds are favoring the Dodgers at about 2/1 in this series. Game...
  • Rays to Win World Series

    Rays vs Dodgers World Series Pick – OddsBooster Too

    The Dodgers are clear favorites in this years World Series, which starts tomorrow evening. In fact they are about a 2/1 favorite to win the series. But in my humble opinion the odds are inflated. This...
  • World Series Odds 2020

    Dodgers vs Rays – World Series Odds

    The Rays and Dodgers have not played one another this year because of the Covid restricted season. So there is no data to study head to head. This will be the first time they meet up all year. Both te...
  • ALDS Series Odds

    MLB ALDS & NLDS Series Odds – Updated World Series Odds

    Baseball always seems to take a hit when it comes to attention spans this time of year. Football is in full swing and lets face it, football is a much more action-packed sport. But for fans of the eig...
  • MLB Post Season Bracket 2020

    MLB Post-Season Odds – World Series Odds – Pennant Odds

    The Covid shortened regular season is in the books. With that the MLB playoffs are expanded to include 16 of the 30 teams. So, almost everyone gets a participation trophy. It definitely makes things a...
  • Draftkings sportsbook to open in Wrigley Field

    Iconic Wrigley Field to Host Sportsbook

    The 106 year old stadium is the home of many fantastic events over the years. Concert from “The Who”, “Pearl Jam” and “The Beach Boys” have entertained the masses a...
  • MLB odds update

    MLB World Series Odds Analysis One Quarter Way Through Season

    The baseball season has been a relative success thus far despite its detractors who say they should shut it down. Yes, there have been a few dozen cases of Covid in the league but they were dealt with...

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