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Special Sportsbook Bonus for SBA Readers – Extra 15%

February 20, 2020
sportsbook special bonus offer


One of the benefits of being a regular reader to a sportsbook and sports betting news website like SBA is that sportsbooks can offer special bonuses directly to you that are not available to the general public.

The way that sportsbooks arrive at how much they can offer as a bonus is no secret. Its a math equation. The amount a sportsbook can give out is directly related to how much they can expect to retain after all the betting and bonuses are finalized. Further, this number can fluctuate depending on how much of their margin they want to cut into to secure new customers.

This is why when we see brand new sportsbooks pop up with unusually high bonus offers, we always advise that people stay weary of them. A scam sportsbook will offer outrageous bonuses just to get money in the door then pack up shop and keep the cash. That is part of why we started SBA in the first place, to identify scams and make people aware of them.

But we also identify great sports betting operations and try to make people aware of them as well. This type of rating is the result of careful study and communication with the actual sportsbook themselves.

Our top sportsbook for 7 years in a row now, YouWager, has just told us there is an extra 15% available for people who found them using our site (click link in this paragraph). This standard Free Play consists of 50% a free play, 10X Rollover, and a 30 Day hold. If you sign up through our site you get 65% free play with the same rollover and hold. You can chalk this up to being one of the benefits of being a loyal reader of SBA.


f you are a casino player, you get more for that too.

Extra Casino Bonus:

Dep: $100-$199: $20 (On top of existing bonus)

Dep: $200 -$299: $50 (On top of existing bonus)

Dep: $300 – $499: $100 (On top of existing bonus)

Dep: $500+: $200 (On top of existing bonus)

 And a Free Entry to the $500 Cash pot poker tournament the last Thursday of every Month.