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  • Vegas handle report 2022 and 2021

    Is Vegas Suffering From Legalized Sports Betting in the U.S.?

    Online sports betting has been happening in Nevada, primarily Las Vegas, since 2010. It was the only state in the U.S. with legal sports betting until 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the P...
  • Where to store BTC

    Protect Your BTC from Volatility by Putting it in a Sportsbook

    One short look at a major news website or watching five minutes of any news broadcast is just enough to let you know that the world we live in is changing. The coronavirus pandemic alone was enough to...
  • SBA Sports Betting News

    Has Acceptance of Sports Betting by Major Networks Hurt Small Outfits?

    Several years ago, states began to make it legal for sportsbooks to operate in their jurisdiction. This was the signal that large corporations had been waiting for. Many corporations which already own...
  • sportsbook special bonus offer

    Special Sportsbook Bonus for SBA Readers – Extra 15%

    CURRENTLY EXPIRED One of the benefits of being a regular reader to a sportsbook and sports betting news website like SBA is that sportsbooks can offer special bonuses directly to you that are not avai...
  • future of offshore sportsbooks

    Offshore Sportsbooks Will Be Fine

    North American facing offshore sportsbooks have been online since 1996. They have offered sports betting to Americans and Canadians who didn’t live near a sportsbook or casino. In the United Sta...
  • sportsbook report las vegas nevada football betting

    Big Bets Won and Lost, Weekend Sportsbook Betting Wrap Up

    This past weekend was yet another mixed bag for the public and the sportsbooks (it usually is). The roller coaster starts Thursday and culminates on Monday night and starts all over again three days l...
  • draftkings to offer sports betting

    DraftKings Partners with Kambi to Offer Sports Betting

    A month ago, we reported how FanDuel partnered with Paddy Power Sportsbook (in a partial buyout) in order to offer users a sports betting option. Now, the other major U.S. facing fantasy sports provid...
  • Aaron Rodgers Injury Felt in Las Vegas

    As you probably know, Aaron Rodgers suffered a shoulder injury in his non throwing (left) shoulder Monday night at the start of the game vs. the Bears.  The sports betting odds have been adjusted as�...

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