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AL and NL MVP Odds Futures

February 27, 2020
Christian Yelich MVP Odds 2020

Baseball is in spring training mode and if you have been watching sports shows lately you have seen some of the great highlights from Arizona and Florida.

Just 29 days from now the MLB will have their opening day on Thursday March 26, 2020 when for the third straight year all 30 teams will be playing.

According to Seat Geek most game tickets will start between $20-$30 but some games are starting much higher than that. Check out the Dodgers home opener which stats at $117. Yuck! You can’t get a seat for the Indians opener from the ticket website for less than $80. The Indians… (eye roll). See all games here

Anyway, we have listed the top ten favorites for the AL and NL to win this year’s MVP award.


Mike Trout +250
Aaron Judge+850
Alex Bregman+850
Anthony Rendon+1500
Gleyber Torres+1500
Francisco Lindor+1500
Marcus Simien+3000
Xander Bogaerts +3000
Rafael Devers+3000
Jose Altuve+3000


Christian Yelich+700
Cody Bellenger+700
Mookie Betts+800
Ronaldo Acuna Jr+900
Juan Soto+1000
Nolan Arenado+1200
Freddie Freeman+1400
Pete Alonso+2000
Bryce Harper+2200
Javier Baez+2500