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NBA and NHL Futures Back on the Board

March 13, 2020
nba odds post coronavirus

The sweeping hysteria that is the Corona Virus has seen the cancelling of all sporting events and odds get taken off the board. No answers yet from the NBA and NHL as to when they expect play to resume.

But there are some signs from offshore sportsbooks that there is an expectation that they will resume and be outright cancelled.

BetOnline has posted championship futures for both the NBA and the NHL. There is speculation that both of these leagues could see play resumed in a week or two. They will presumably just pick up where they left off and finish their seasons with less completed games than normal.

NBA Championship Odds

Milwaukee Bucks+200
Los Angeles Lakers+225
Los Angeles Clippers+300
Boston Celtics+2000
Houston Rockets+2000
Toronto Raptors+2500
Denver Nuggets+2800
Philadelphia 76ers+3300
Miami Heat+4000
Utah Jazz+4000
Dallas Mavericks+5000
Indiana Pacers+8000
New Orleans Pelicans+10000
Oklahoma City Thunder+10000
Brooklyn Nets+15000
Memphis Grizzlies+25000
Portland Trail Blazers+25000
Orlando Magic+50000
Phoenix Suns+50000
Sacramento Kings+50000
San Antonio Spurs+50000

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Odds

Boston Bruins+600
Tampa Bay Lightning+700
Vegas Golden Knights+700
Colorado Avalanche+800
Philadelphia Flyers+900
St. Louis Blues+900
Washington Capitals+1200
Pittsburgh Penguins+1600
Dallas Stars+1800
Toronto Maple Leafs+1800
Nashville Predators+2000
Edmonton Oilers+2200
Vancouver Canucks+2800
Calgary Flames+3300
Carolina Hurricanes+3300
Arizona Coyotes+5000
Minnesota Wild+5000
New York Islanders+5000
New York Rangers+5000
Winnipeg Jets+5000
Florida Panthers+6600
Columbus Blue Jackets+10000
Chicago Blackhawks+25000
Montreal Canadiens+100000