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Betting Odds for When Sports Leagues Will Resume

March 17, 2020
odds on when play will resume

One type of bet that people seem to be betting lately, in the absence of sports, is when the leagues will resume or start play.

For NHL and the NBA, who already played a large portion of their season before suspending play, the betting odds are on whether they would resume play before the season is outright cancelled. The odds that they will resume play this season are YES -180 and NO +150.

MLB Baseball was about halfway through their spring training when play was suspended. That means there is still plenty of time to get the ball rolling again. That’s why the prop bet “Will MLB play this season” is a hefty -350 for YES and +250 for NO.

Bovada has a unique prop of which sports will be the first to re-open as it were:

  • MLB +140
  • NHL +200
  • MLS +300
  • NBA +400

The NBA carries the worst odds because of all the sports they are seen to be more of a primadonna. has a prop regarding the UFC. “Will UFC Suspend Operations?”
Yes -120
NO -120

I actually like NO on that one.

MLB Baseball prop that exists is will first pitch of regular season before or after June 1st.
On or Before -190
After +160

As you can see, sportsbooks are creating interesting props to make this pandemic scare into something a little more fun than the serious health threat that it is. Nobody is enjoying this complete shut-down and many businesses, including offshore sportsbooks, are already suffering.