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Popular Sportsbook Puts Special Rules on Betting MLB Games

July 22, 2020
MLB baseball odds

We all know about how the Corona Virus has destroyed much of the 2020 sports season. Leagues are trying to salvage what they can. MLB baseball will be kicking off a shortened 60 game schedule starting tomorrow night.

Sportsbooks are happy to have the have the action return. Other than some UFC fight, a national horse race and a few golfing tournaments, they have been dead action. So, the return of baseball this week is welcomed with open arms.

The game environment will be different. There will be no fans cheering on the teams. And like I said there will only be 60 games. So, every game counts that much more. These special circumstances have caused at least one sportsbook to install special rules when betting baseball. has implemented the following rules:

1. Game must go 9 innings (8 ½ if the home team is winning) for action. If a game is called prior to 9 or 8.5 innings (example: called in the 7th inning due to rain), game wagers including Money Line will be graded No Action.

2. All wagers are Action. Listed Pitchers will not be an option for the 2020 shortened season.

These rules will simplify the action for the sportsbooks who will also be running on lighter-than-normal employee shifts. We have not see any other book follow suit with these rules yet.