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Political Betting Odds – Biden’s VP Choice – Overall Winner Odds

August 7, 2020
VP Odds 2020

The political landscape has never been more divisive nor charged with energy. It seems a lot more than usual is on the line for the 2020 Presidential election cycle.

For many people, this stuff is life or death level content. For others, it is something more akin to entertainment and they choose to bet on their hunch.

Much has been made about Joe Biden’s mental decline in recent months. There are many videos of him making gaffs when speaking. Everything he says seems to to make little to no sense. That’s why his choice for VP candidate is so interesting to many. They figure that whoever he chooses to be VP will eventually be the President. It is not without precedent. Gerald Ford took over for Nixon after Watergate, LBJ took over for JFK after his assassination and Truman took over for FDR towards the end of World War 2.

The choice for VP has been narrowed down to two candidates, mainly because of information links and the fact that Biden announced he would be choosing a woman of color as his running mate (racist/sexist?)

Anyway, here are the odds for Biden’s VP nomination:

Biden’s VP Choice

Kamala Harris -115

Susan Rice +150


Actually Elected President

Joe Biden -160

Donald Trump +130