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MLB World Series Odds Analysis One Quarter Way Through Season

August 8, 2020
MLB odds update

The baseball season has been a relative success thus far despite its detractors who say they should shut it down. Yes, there have been a few dozen cases of Covid in the league but they were dealt with quickly. The players were quarantined and contact tracing was performed. It appears that players wondering around in public on their free time is what accounted for the cases. This fact reinforces the notion that players can get Covid whether they are playing ball or not.

The league has installed personnel to help teams account for their players during down-time. Think of them as Covid chaperones. The players probably have about the same (or maybe even less) chance of getting Covid than a regular citizen living their daily lives.

Then you have the case of the Florida Marlins, the team most affected by Covid this season. They had 18 positive Covid tests and were forced to place a bunch of their players on the IR. They then brought up some minor-leaguers and signed free agents to plug the gaps. All they did was come back and win five in a row and now sit atop their division with a 7-1 record. The situation may have opposing managers scratching their heads and thinking maybe they should place a bunch on guys on IR and bring up a bunch of “nobodies” themselves.

The season is 1/4 over and done and we are listing the newest sportsbook World Series futures along side the odds from the start of the season. You can see how they have changed.

World Series Odds Then and Now

TeamOpening OddsCurrent OddsChange
N.Y. Yankees+350+450+100
L.A. Dodgers+350+500+150
Tampa Bay+1700+1500-200
N.Y. Mets+2000+3000+1000
St. Louis+2500+4000+1500
CH Cubs+2800+1600-1200
CH White Sox+3000+1500+1500
L.A. Angels+3000+5000+2000
San Diego+4000+2000-2000
San Francisco+25000+15000-10000
Kansas City+30000+40000+10000


Make sure to take advantage of the sort-able aspect of the table. As you can see, there have been quite a few shakeups.

The Colorado Rockies appear to have been a great bargain at +15000 to start the season. They are down to just +2800 now as they sit atop their division with a 10-3 record.

The Miami Marlins, who we mentioned before, are up 29,000 from -35000 to just -6000.

The NY Yankees have hit a lull recently after starting 8-1 but then losing three out of four. Their ML dropped by 100. You can get them at +450 which seems like a pretty fair price.

The Detroit Tigers odds shortened an amazing by an amazing 35000 on the moneyline. They were expected to be in the cellar but at feeling pretty good at 6-5.

The Chicago Cubs and Oakland A’s have both shortened their odds considerably by playing well thus far.