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How to Improve Your Sports Betting Returns

November 4, 2020

Any competent bettor is always on the look out for tips to help boost their sports betting returns. Betting is not easy and the truth is that most gamblers lose money over the long term, but the best gamblers are able to be profitable. This article is a list of tips, tricks and techniques that will help improve your sports betting returns.


One of the most important traits for any bettor and perhaps the least common in the average bettor is patience. Being able to not place bets if you do not find the right one is a skill that requires a lot of self-control but it is also a skill that will save you considerable sums of money over the long term, making use of all the welcome bets that you can find from betting sites that accept UK punters will be a sure-fire way to get the most from your betting.

What is important to remember is that any tip or advice that you receive can only be maximized if you use them properly. They are like gadgets and equipment that you put on your car: they can help a lot, but you are still the driver and ultimately in control. You must actively be patient and make the right decisions.

You do not have to withdraw it though, and it can even be a good idea to keep some money in different accounts in case some good offers are offered on specific sites.

Value betting

Value betting is probably the best betting technique there is. While some bet on what they think is going to happen, value bettors do not quite do this. Instead, they bet on bookmaker’s mistakes.
Odds are determined by calculating the probability of the outcome happening and subtracting the margin from this.

However, this is not an exact science which means that sometimes the odds do not truly represent the true probability of an outcome, and when the bookies determine something to be less likely than it actually is, that is when the value bettor bets. Stakes are changed accordingly, but this is one of few betting techniques that is likely to give positive returns on the long term.

The difficulty in this technique is that it is not easy to determine what the actual probability of an outcome is. It requires research on statistics and past events, but it is doable. It is demanding in terms of time but if performed properly, it is very profitable.

Do not be afraid to go against the current

This may sound surprising but even if you are the only one to be betting on a particular team or in a specific way, you could still be in the right. Do not base your bets on what other bettors are doing and trust your own thinking, logic and instincts to do what is best for you.

An example of this being profitable is if a team is generally disliked and has had a downturn in form but are still a good team. People will tend to bet on the other team and this can affect odds. If bookmakers notice that lots of people are going for one bet rather than the opposite, they make the odds shorter and longer odds for the opposite bet. Therefore, it will be even greater value to bet against what everyone else is betting on.

Bet on singles almost all the time

Another mistake that bettors make is to always bet on accumulators. They have much better odds and are arguably more fun to bet on than singles, however they are also far less likely to be successful. Anything can happen in sports, and betting on several games is a great way to increase the chances of something unpredictable making you lose your bet: an injury, a red card, a disqualification…

That being said, accumulators can still sometimes be fantastic value because of their huge odds. The difficulty lies in finding legs to add that represent true value because it is hard to sniff them out. If you can find an accumulator that you are confident in then place it, but do not overdo it with combined bets.

Manage your bankroll

If you are a serious bettor then you should have a bankroll which is your budget for bets. Manage this closely so that you do not accumulate losses and lose a lot of money. Your stakes should be a very small percentage of your bankroll, around 0.5% to 3%, and building it should be a slow but steady process.

Put in the hard work

Chances are that you already know that betting is difficult and risky. You may be searching for tricks that can help you avoid working hard but take this as a sign that you simply can not do that. If you are serious about betting, then you must put in the hard work to improve.