Learning From Scratch: Picking A Team For The Fantasy NFL Super Bowl

December 10, 2020
Fantasy Football

If you’re unaware of what Fantasy Football is, then let me give you the basic rundown. It’s basically a league that co-exists along with the college and professional sport, where the points are all math-based. The points you earn are based on real players’ performances; your fake team’s higher total means you win against other people’s fake teams.

Here’s the thing with Fantasy Football, you get together with other people(friends, family, and fans) before the season starts to pick the players for your fantasy team in your typical draft picks style – like what you’d see in the NBA or more appropriately, the NFL. With the description out of the way, let’s discuss how to pick the best for your fantasy team!

Where To Take Part

Right before we get down to actually picking your fantasy team, you’re going to need to know where to even take part in playing Fantasy Football! You can do exactly that with FanDuel since they can handle anything with Fantasy Football and Sports Betting in general! Hey, if you’re interested, they even have a section for Horse Racing!

Seek Help and Advice From Those You Trust

Fortunately for every starter to the fantasy league, many experts and enthusiasts spend an excessive amount of time on the internet just gathering and comparing football statistics – some even work for renowned sports websites like CBS Sports and ESPN. These stat-pros will most likely rank the players based on how they think the players will perform.

It’s better to take to those experts and enthusiasts first before turning to your friends or family. Suppose you can properly utilize all of the statistics that these pros gather. In that case, you can craft a perfect team for the fantasy league. There are even websites that put all of those statistics into ranks based on expertise, so that’ll help narrow down what you’re looking for.

Don’t be fooled and swayed too quickly though, some of the people who make predictions and rankings aren’t that accurate since they are just predictions in the first place. However, when you find an analyst or website that you like, you can synchronize your picks to help you pick your drafts.

Know How Your League Scores

Before you finalize your draft picks, you’re going to need to learn the rules and how the league you’re taking part in scores. Knowing how your points will be awarded will definitely give you an edge when actually choosing your players. A lot of people overlook this fact even though it seems like the most obvious thing to learn.

There are two common standard scoring methods and points per reception(or PPR for short). As the name suggests for PPR, the scores are based upon how many times a player catches a pass. The higher the passes caught, the more value that player brings at that position compared to other players with the same position.

If you’re going off of the points per reception scoring, then it’s going to be easy which players you’re going to want on your fantasy team. You can use this scoring method plus the data you get from your analysts and websites to see who has the highest success rate with receptions.

Secure Your First Pick

Like most things in life, the most important will be your first. As long as you can secure yourself as an elite player, your successes in the fantasy league will hopefully be abundant. It would be wise for you to avoid reckless players or those who tend to get injured easily. The lesser time spent on the field means fewer points for you!

You’re going to want to be the first pick of consistent and top-producing running backs if you get the chance. If not, then there are plenty of top-producing wide receivers for you to choose from. Especially since there are a lot of high performing players every season.

Keep Mind Of The Different Positions

Why should you do this? Because not all of the fantasy positions can earn the same amount of points. Though you’ll catch on that the highest scoring position will be the quarterback because they’re almost always the first ones to be drafted. However, this may lead to being a very costly mistake on your end. Save your pick for the quarterback for a little longer.

Since everyone has their eyes on the quarterback earlier on during the picks, you have a much wider selection for running backs, wide receivers – so focus your early choices on those reliable positions. You’ll still be able to find a good quarterback in the later drafts.


Everyone has their own reasons for joining the Fantasy Football leagues – it could be for the very generous prize pool. It could be out of pure love and enthusiasm for the sport. It could be just a time filler since you were curious. However, you should still take it seriously since a lot of the fun lies within the whole game’s competitiveness!