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  • FanDuel vs DraftKings

    DraftKings Vs. FanDuel – A Sportsbook Comparison

    DraftKings and FanDuel are two of the largest online fantasy sportsbooks globally. Together they have roughly 14 million users and comprise 95% of the fantasy sports market. If that wasn’t enough, b...
  • Draftkings doesn't want sharp players

    Sportsbook CEO States He Doesn’t Want Customers that Win

    It obvious to anyone running any sort of business that you want to maximize your profit. Depending on your business, there are many ways to do that. One way in which sportsbooks do this is to limit or...
  • betting Super Bowl BetMGM Super Bowl Trends

    Super Bowl 55 Betting Action Report

    A week from now the country will be witnessing Super Bowl 55 featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. Tampa will be the first team in history to play in the Super Bowl at their ve...
  • Fantasy Football

    Learning From Scratch: Picking A Team For The Fantasy NFL Super Bowl

    If you’re unaware of what Fantasy Football is, then let me give you the basic rundown. It’s basically a league that co-exists along with the college and professional sport, where the point...
  • Draftkings sportsbook to open in Wrigley Field

    Iconic Wrigley Field to Host Sportsbook

    The 106 year old stadium is the home of many fantastic events over the years. Concert from “The Who”, “Pearl Jam” and “The Beach Boys” have entertained the masses a...
  • Caesars and DraftKings Deal

    Caesars and DraftKings Strike Multi-State Deal

    Land based casino and gambling powerhouse Caesars has teamed with online fantasy football/sportsbook company DraftKings. The deal was announced earlier today. “Caesars’ agreement with DraftKings, ...
  • New Jersey Sports Betting Update

    Watching residents of states that have approved sports betting enjoy their new-found freedom has been gratifying to say the least. Before now, going down to the local sportsbook to throw down some cas...
  • draftkings to offer sports betting

    DraftKings Partners with Kambi to Offer Sports Betting

    A month ago, we reported how FanDuel partnered with Paddy Power Sportsbook (in a partial buyout) in order to offer users a sports betting option. Now, the other major U.S. facing fantasy sports provid...
  • draftkings to launch betting in USA

    DraftKings Considering All Options

    After the recent merger of Paddy Power BetFair and fantasy sports company FanDuel, everyone is looking to the other largest supplier of fantasy sports services, DraftKings. They want to know what thei...
  • Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting Would be Perfect Fit

    Sports fans and entertainment companies alike are collectively awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter of sports betting. Any day now they are expected to strike down an antiquated l...

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