NFL Week 14 Public Action Report

December 12, 2020
November 13, 2020 NFL action report

As we do every week, we are reporting the betting public’s action. The lines start to dribble out Sunday Night and are live at most sportsbooks by Monday morning.  The public then has six days to take their shots at the sportsbook.

If you are a subscriber to our site, you see that we publish our own guesses as to what the lines should be. We bet what we consider to be “weak lines” ourselves. And by week’s end the actual lines looks alot closer to our lines than they did at week’s start.

Some sportsbooks release these numbers to the general population. It makes for great content all while keeping bettors informed.

Some folks think that a sportsbook releasing these numbers has some diabolical misinformation plan but I assure you they do not. It is a guessing game from their side as well. 99.99% of games are not “fixed”.

This week’s NFL betting stats comes from William Hill Sportsbooks, a British bookie bought by Caesars Entertainment earlier this year.

Week 14 NFL Action Report

Jax vs TenTen -7.5Ten 80%Ten 90%
Cin vs DalDal -3.5Dal 58%Cin 66%
NYG vs ARZARZ -3ARZ 54%ARZ 60%
CHI vs HOUHOU -1.5HOU 71%HOU 75%
TB vs MINTB -6.5TB 67%TB 68%
MIA vs KCKC -7KC 72%KC 76%
DET vs GBGB -8GB 86%GB 83%
LV vs INDIND -3IND 66%IND 71%
SEA vs NYJSEA -13.5SEA 63%SEA 55%
LAC vs ATLATL -2.5ATL 67%ATL 83%
PHI vs NONO -7NO 88%NO 91%
SF vs WASSF -3WAS 57%SF 50%
BUF vs PITBUF -2BUF 54%BUF 76%
CLE vs BALBAL -2.5CLE 52%BAL 59%