NFL Week 17 Lopsided Action Report

January 1, 2021
NFL week 17 betting trends

For those betting fans who like to see which way the public is betting on the big games, we report weekly on the NFL betting action. To keep from wasting valuable internet space (LOL) we only include the games where action is above 66% for both tickets and money on one side. If you do not see the game action listed below then betting was mixed or even.

There are a shit load of games that are lopsided this week, ten to be exact. This is second most lopsided action for all NFL games this year. You would assume the lines would be a little sharper by the last week of the year. That they would be more apt to attract equal action, but they are not.

Betting opposite of all these public leans is a risky proposition but in recent weeks it has actually worked out. The public has been paying the book.

Its important to know which players are sitting out this week to rest for the playoffs. Also, Miami’s “in case of emergency break glass QB” Ryan Fitzpatrick was diagnosed with Covid on Thursday and will not play.

Lines and figures below provided by William Hill. They are one of the few books that are totally open about their betting numbers. And for those of you who think they may be putting out fake numbers, please think about how that would benefit them in any way? ATP bettors are not enough of the action base to worry about trying to manipulate.

See live odds here

Game LinesTicketsMoney
NYG vs DALDAL -1.5DAL 81%DAL 86%
DET vs MINDET -6.5MIN 80%MIN 91%
TB vs ATLATL -6.5TB 82%TB 87%
CIN vs BALBAL -12BAL 71%BAL 84%
IND vs JAXIND -14IND 76%IND 72%
CHI vs GBGB -5.5GB 71%GB 84%
HOU vs TEN TEN -7.5TEN 82%TEN 83%
CAR vs NONO -6.5NO 89%NO 97%
SF vs SEASEA -6.5SEA 76%SEA 84%
DEN vs LVLV -2.5LV 72%LV 84%