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  • Sharps take a bet on Raiders vs Chiefs

    Sharp Action Report on Raiders vs Chiefs SNF Game

    Sharp action is loosely defined as bets made by guys who are well-known for their ability to win at sports betting. The sportsbooks pay attention to these guys and how they bet to help craft the perfe...
  • NFL week 17 betting trends

    NFL Week 17 Lopsided Action Report

    For those betting fans who like to see which way the public is betting on the big games, we report weekly on the NFL betting action. To keep from wasting valuable internet space (LOL) we only include ...
  • Thanksgiving Public Bet Report

    Thanksgiving Day NFL Public Betting Report

    There were originally three NFL games slated for Thanksgiving of 2020 but like most everything this year this wasn’t to last. The third game in the line up was supposed to be Baltimore at Pittsb...
  • betting public game 6 nba finals

    NBA Finals Game 6 Sportsbook Betting Report

    The 2019 NBA Finals are more interesting than other recent years when everyone just bet Golden State and sportsbooks sweated losing a pile of money to the most talented team put together since the Mia...
  • betting the nba finals

    NBA Finals Lopsided Betting Action

    As you probably know the Raptors of Toronto are taking on the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA Finals. The Warriors have been sitting on their hands this last week waiting for the Raptors/Bucks s...
  • referees blown calls for Rams

    Many Sportsbooks Lost on Sunday Despite Public Perception

    Yesterday there were some really bad missed called by the referees of the games. The most infamous of them was a missed pass interference call at the end of the Saints game. However, that game was rid...

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