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Poll Results: Who is Betting What This Summer

May 17, 2021
Poll results - are people betting NBA or MLB in summer 2021?

There has been so much drama surrounding sports in recent years. Most of it has to do with sports being used as a platform for players to push their social justice narratives. At the same exact time, the pandemic known as Covid-19 was thrust upon the public. Sports TV ratings are in the toilet. Some people attribute this to Covid. Some people attribute this to the social justice bombardment. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that something is keeping folks from watching sports.

The league’s haven’t done anything to help their cause. It is widely agreed that sports should be kept separate from politic, much in the way we try to keep religion and politics separated. Earlier this year, the MLB flexed its muscles for a social justice take on Georgia changing its voting laws. They moved their All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver (Colorado has comparable voting laws to Georgia). This has caused many on the right side of the political spectrum to tune out. This is especially hurtful to MLB because a larger portion of their fans lean to the right. I don’t even have to explain the NBA’s situation. You probably already know they are “all-in” on social justice and their ratings have been in toilet for well over a year.

How does this translate into sports betting numbers? Well, state based sportsbooks all over the country have been breaking records the last few years. But this most likely could be attributed to the natural growth of an industry in its infancy. Would the number be even more gaudy if leagues didn’t take part in social politics?

We ran simple quick poll this last week to see what people plan on betting this summer. Perhaps this poll will give you an idea of what people are feeling. It’s important to remember that if people are visiting our site, they are probably sports bettors.

Poll Results

are people betting baseball and basketball in 2021?


Football action usually outweighs baseball and NBA betting every year. But you usually have some decent cross over. You can see by our poll that the most popular answer was the option that the voter will not bet basketball or football this summer.

The NBA playoffs betting handle is usually much higher than MLB. According to our quick sample poll, more people will bet baseball only than on NBA basketball only.

I have to assume that the unpopularity of the leagues right now has had some affect on the total betting handle. The sooner the leagues return the game to the fans and not allow them to be hijacked by players or leftists talking points the better. People want sports as an escape from their every day life of business, politics and whatever other drama may be affecting them.