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  • Super Bowl 57 handle and tv ratings report and analysis

    Super Bowl 57 Handle and TV Ratings Final Report

    The game has been played the Chiefs were victorious thanks to outstanding performances by Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Super Bowl 57 was expected to match or break records in both TV ratings and ...
  • Poll results - are people betting NBA or MLB in summer 2021?

    Poll Results: Who is Betting What This Summer

    There has been so much drama surrounding sports in recent years. Most of it has to do with sports being used as a platform for players to push their social justice narratives. At the same exact time, ...
  • NBA Ratings Dropping Affect Gambling

    Do Lower NBA TV Ratings Translate to Less Action at Sportsbooks?

    It is no secret that television ratings for NBA basketball in 2020 and in 2021 were lower than in previous years. Take the NBA’s All-Star Game as a great example how viewership has fallen off. The N...

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