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2021 NBA Finals Prop List

July 5, 2021
NBA Finals Prop Sheet 2021

The NBA Finals are upon us and even though the NBA isn’t as exciting in recent years as it was in the days of MJ and the Bulls or Kobe and the Lakers, there is still some good entertainment to be had. The fact that the Phoenix Suns have made it and are favored has the American southwest pretty excited. This is the Suns’ first appearance since 1993.

If I told you at the start of the season that the Bucks and the Suns would be in the finals and told you to pick who the favorites was, there would be little doubt that you would have picked the Bucks. They have had a lot of success in recent years whereas the Suns are the upstart team. But the Bucks haven’t been as dominant as years past and in fact they limped into this Finals minus their best player.

It is important to remember two things when scanning these props. 1) The Bucks’ MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is listed at questionable and is definitely not 100%. 2) The Suns have home court advantage.

Below we will list the props as available at – We will also place a blue “Like” next to props we like ourselves and may very well bet.


Game 1 and Series

Suns to Win Game 1 and Win Series -135
Bucks to Win Game 1 and Win Series +400
Suns to Win Game 1 and Lose Series +425
Bucks to Win Game 1 and Lose Series +625

Exact Series Result

Suns 4-1 +385
Suns 4-3 +385
Suns 4-2 +400
Bucks 4-2 +475
Bucks 4-3 +600
Suns 4-0 +775
Bucks 4-1 +1100
Bucks 4-0 +2500

First Technical Foul of the Finals

Suns -250
Bucks +170

Giannis Antetokounmpo PPG

Over 27.5
Under 27.5

Giannis Antetokounmpo RPG

Over 12.5 rebounds
Under 12.5 rebounds

Highest Scoring Game by Any One Player in Finals

Over 35.5 (-130)
Under 35.5 (+100) Like

Highest Scoring Game by Any One Team

Over 124.5
Under 124.5

Lowest Scoring Game by Any One Team

Over 90.5 Like
Under 90.5

Total Number of Games in Series

6 Games +190
7 Games +190
5 Games +250
4 Games +600

Suns Average 3-Point Field Goals per Game

Under 11.5 (-125)
Over 11.5 (-105)