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2022 MLB Hall of Fame Inductee Odds

July 21, 2021
Baseball Hof Odds

Major League Baseball inducts a handful of people into its hall of fame every year. In most decades you have the “shoe-in” guys who you know are going to get in and should be there. And then you have the borderline guys who had great careers but voters are split on if they are HoF worthy.

In recent years things have become more complicated. You have a group of guys waiting to be inducted that are widely thought (or have outright admitted) to having boosted their career achievements through the use of steroids. These are the so-called “steroid era players”. Some of them have admitted to using banned substances while other have denied it to this day, even though there are many witnesses to them using them.

So, the odds below are not as cut-and-dry as they would have been if steroids were not a thing. Take Roger Clemons for instance. His career stats and all his achievements make him an automatic selection. He is one of the most famous and successful pitchers of all time. He is exactly who the hall was created for. But the fact that he did steroids makes him much less likely to get in, at least right away. The +500 odds for Roger Clemens to be selected in 2022 is way higher than it would be sans steroid use.

2022 Hall of Fame Odds

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1 Curt Schilling +250
2 Barry Bonds +500
3 Roger Clemens +500
4 Scott Rolen +1000
5 Omar Vizquel +1000
6 Billy Wagner +1500
7 Todd Helton +2000
8 Gary Sheffied +2000
9 Manny Ramirez +1500
10 Jimmy Rollins +700
11 Alex Rodriguez -150
12 David Ortiz -500
13 Mark Teixeira +1500
14 Joe Nathan +2000
15 Jonathan Papelbon +2000
16 No one gets inducted to the MLB ~ HOF +1000

Note: You can bet more than one player and win multiple bets.