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The Results are In for the Most Hated Sports Broadcaster

September 27, 2021
Results of who is the most hated broadcaster

A week ago we published an article posing a question as to which TV sports broadcaster was the most annoying, the most reviled, basically the most hated.

Apparently this is a topic on which many people have an opinion. What is bizarre is that some of these guys even get the job to begin with, much less keep the job after it is clear how much the public despises them.

They didn’t test these TV “personalities” in any focus groups. They just hired them and basically said “have at it”. And now we are here stuck listening to them stink up the airwaves. Many people we interacted with told us they just turn the volume down when certain announcers have the game. Isn’t that terrible? There should be an option, especially in this high-tech world in which we live, to click a button and simply have the announcers feed removed from the broadcast so we can just hear the sounds of the game.

Andrews annoyingFor our poll we stuck to color commentators and did not include play-by-play announcers or sideline reporters. If we did, you can be certain that Erin Andrews would be listed as an option in that poll. Her shrill, pitchy, nagging voice is a game-stopper. When I hear it I think of two things: A) They only put her on the sideline to fill the quota. B) How did anyone in management not realize she has an awful voice?

Listen to her voice here

The worst part is that other networks including regional broadcast networks are hiring women with the same type if voice. It’s humans doing what they do best, copycat. Its easy to just copy what others are doing because you think its working. The Marquee Network, which broadcasts Cubs games, features a woman with full Erin Andrews voice. Her name is Taylor McGregor. Ooof. And it can be heard on your local TV and radio news. They think its assertive and commanding. But its annoying and shrill.

Whatever the reason is that these networks have decided to keep torturing us, we may never know. But one thing is for certain: One name was voted on much more than any other listed and its not close. Good old Joe Buck racked up a full half of all votes. This poll included five other options, so you can see people just really don’t like this guy.

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