Alien First Contact – Abduction Betting Prop Odds

October 5, 2021
Odds of alien attack or first contact

They say there is a person willing to bet on anything out there. People have been known to kill time trying to guess coin tosses and betting on the outcome. If there is an event of any kind with an uncertain outcome, humans are willing to bet it.

This brings us to prop odds being offered by BetOnline sportsbook which involve the subject of alien interaction.. yes, creatures from other planets which travel to Earth kind of alien. Remember Area 51 Betting Props? This one goes a bit further.

It may seem totally implausible or even ridiculous but if you have paid attention to the news in the last year or so, you have seen an increase in credible UFO footage. Even the United States government, which has been very quick to dismiss UFO sightings in the past, is now admitting that there are craft in the sky of unknown origins.

A lot of the prop offerings at BetOnline involving this topic payoff the “Yes” answer and do not offer a “no” option. The odds on alien contact not happening in the next three months would be so extraordinarily high that they wouldn’t be worth offering. No one would fund their account with $100,000 to win $10.

Below you can see the current offerings at BetOnline. A person may wonder why would a top-notch sportsbook waste their time with fantastical offers like this. There are two reasons that its not a waste of time actually: 1) For the exposure. The talk surrounding these offerings brings attention to the site and may result in customers betting on sports or casino. 2) The sportsbook gets to hold your money while the bet is in limbo.

Country First Attacked by Aliens

USA +1000

Greenland +1100

Russia +1200

Brazil +1600

India +1600

Mexico +2000

Argentina +2000

China +2500

Taiwan +2500

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia +2500

Pakistan, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia +3300

Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Sweden +5000


Alien Attack in 2021?

Yes +10000

Alien Contact to be Confirmed ?

Yes +2500

Alien First Abduction

Elon Musk
Joe Rogan
Donald Trump Jr.
Tyson Fury
Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos
Joe Biden
Mike Tyson
Donald Trump Sr.
Hillary Clinton
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Brady
George Soros
Floyd Mayweather
Rupert Murdoch
Ghislaine Maxwell
Rosie O’Donnell
Jennifer Aniston
Matt LeBlanc
Christiano Ronaldo
Bryson DeChambeau
Boris Johnson