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Odds for Raiders Next Coaching Hire

Scott Morris | October 12, 2021
Gruden gets fired on his day off

The Raiders asked Head Coach Jon Gruden to resign yesterday amidst reports of some nasty emails he sent ten years ago. The contents of the emails are said to be slanderous, racial and homophobic. Basically he wrote down in an email what everyone has said or thought at least some point in their life.

When I was 14 years old I sent a letter (snail mail) to my friend living in upstate New York. I bragged about all the shit that I was doing. I was making out with girls, drinking and smoking all this weed. Half of it was a confabulation. Well, his parent intercepted the letter and sent it to my guardian. I was in a bit of hot water. I learned that day to never send something in writing that you wouldn’t say out loud. I guess Gruden never had that lesson.

Our friends at BetOnline have put together a list of possible names that could be the next HC hire for the Las  Vegas Raiders. You can bet your favorite pick right now. Below those odds are odds on what Gruden will do next, as far as occupation is concerned. I imagine he will be laying very low for a while.


Next Raider Head Coach Odds

Eric Bieniemy +600

Brian Daboll +650

Joe Brady +750

Kellen Moore +750

Byron Leftwich +900

Matt Campbell +900

Todd Bowles +900

David Shaw +1000

Gus Bradley +1000

Matt Eberflus +1000

Rich Bisaccia +1000

Doug Pederson +1200

Darrell Bevell +1800

Nathaniel Hackett +1800

Jerod Mayo +2000

Rod Marinelli +2000

Tom Cable +2000

Jay Gruden +5000

Peyton Manning +5000

Urban Meyer +5000

Howie Long +7500

Charles Woodson +10000

Lane Kiffin +10000

Tony Romo +15000

Sebastian Janikowski +50000


Jon Gruden Next Job

Host Podcast -150

Work for Fox News +300

NCAA TV Analyst +500

NFL TV Analyst +500

High School Football Coach +1200

Member of NCAA Coaching Staff +1200

Member of NFL Coaching Staff +2500

TV Game Show Host +3300


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