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Beware of These Sportsbook Phishing Emails

October 13, 2021
Beware of Online Phishing for Sportsbooks

Phishing emails, as you may know, are scam emails designed to look like they were sent from an actual reputable company. Not long after the first secure account was created online the very first internet scammer was hard at work creating ways to break into accounts. Hacking accounts can be done various ways but one of the easiest ways is to just walk right in the front door with a username and password.

To accomplish this goal, email scammers started to creating emails with prompts to “log-in now” or “verify your password now”. When clicked, the phishing email will send you to a spoof site and harness the information so that a hacker can get into your account and steal from you.

There are some pretty solid looking phishing emails out there but almost everyone I see is easily identifiable as a scam. They just don’t look right at first glance. The images are sloppy, the email looks funky – something usually gives it away as a phishing email almost immediately. That’s because 99% of scammers are just dumb untalented hacks. If they had real design skills they would get a real job and make real money.

Sportsbooks Phishing Emails

Phishing emails have long attacked people to get into their bank or other financial accounts. Lately we have been seeing a new wave of phishing emails targeting sportsbook customers. Sports gambling has grown immensely in popularity the last few years and is too good an opportunity for a scammer to pass up.

Check out this one we received today. You can click to enlarge. It has a lot of telltale signs that it is scam.

  1. Offer too good to be true. 150% with 1X rollover? No way.
  2. Shoddy html. The lines and line breaks are terrible. It is sloppy looking.
  3. The number one and MOST IMPORTANT is the demand that a payment be sent to a BTC address located within the email. That WILL NEVER HAPPEN from a legitimate sportsbook.

BTC addresses are generated uniquely and allow for proper accounting and security. Never would they ask everyone to just dump payments into one account.

sportsbook phishing email example

sportsbook phishing email 2