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  • Are XBet and MyBookie the Same?

    The question has floated on the web for a while. Are MyBookie and Xbet related? Well, yes. They claim to be “sister” books in that they operate on the same platform and use the same paymen...
  • Sportsbook Review of MyBookie

    MyBookie Upgrade and Updated Review

    Since their inception in 2014 has been a force in the sports betting world. Launching a new sportsbook in an already well-established market takes guts and know-how. Many sportsbooks will ...
  • Beware of Online Phishing for Sportsbooks

    Beware of These Sportsbook Phishing Emails

    Phishing emails, as you may know, are scam emails designed to look like they were sent from an actual reputable company. Not long after the first secure account was created online the very first inter...
  • Review of MyBookie and GTBETS

    Secret Shopper Sportsbook Report

    Everyone has heard of a secret shopper before. If you haven’t , it is when a company pays people to shop at their store without the employees knowing and then asks them to report on their experi...
  • Rays to Win World Series

    Rays vs Dodgers World Series Pick – OddsBooster Too

    The Dodgers are clear favorites in this years World Series, which starts tomorrow evening. In fact they are about a 2/1 favorite to win the series. But in my humble opinion the odds are inflated. This...
  • sportsbook rating changes

    Sportsbook Grade Changes – Recent Moves

    Recently we reached out to our readers to find out what they thought about specific sportsbooks in question. The information campaign was a huge success and we had a few dozen people write in. Some re...
  • MyBookie pulls out of Nevada, NJ, and NY

    MyBookie No Longer Accepting Players for NY, NJ or Nevada

    In a recent memo sent out to marketers and affiliates, Web Partners, the company that owns MyBookie, stated that they no longer will accept new players from the states of Nevada, New York or New Jerse...

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