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Half of All Remaining NFL Survivor Pool Contestants Were Just Eliminated

Scott Morris | November 8, 2021
NFL Survivors take a beasting

Survivor pools have taken off in recent years. They are the most popular type of NFL pool there is. The promise of a big payout at the end of the season keeps people motivated. The contest sounds easy enough:

Pick one team to win straight up every week. If you make it all 17 weeks without a loss you are in the big money. One survivor pool in particular, BetOnline‘s 2021 NFL Survivor Contest, has a winner-take-all payout of $200,000. Because of this high payout  there are many thousand of entries. Entry was $30 for one and the more entries you purchased the cheaper they got. For instance Entries 2-5 were $20 each.

This past weekend was the single biggest worst day for contestants as multiple favored teams bit the dust. More than half of all entries were eliminated yesterday. Here they are listed by game:

33% of contestants had the Cowboys. The Cowboys lost 30-16

12% of contestants had the Buffalo Bills. The Bills lost at Jacksonville 9-6. They were 14.5 favorites.

6% of contestants had New Orleans. The Saints lost to the Falcons straight up.

The rule is that if there are more than one survivor the contestants split the prize pool. The people still left in the pool are happy with this weekend’s results and will be grinding these last 8 weeks of the regular season.


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