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  • roughing the passer call SNF December 11, 2022

    Betting Public Concerned About Rigged NFL Games and Terrible Game Announcers

    It has long been said that “knowledge is power” and those who know more do better in life. This is because with knowledge usually comes better informed decision making. Information can com...
  • NFL combine results 2022

    NFL Combine Winners & Losers

    The 2022 NFL Combine concluded on Sunday and now prospects, scouts, and coaches will look ahead to Pro Days. There was plenty of intrigue surrounding this year’s combine, a few nice surprises, and f...
  • NFL Survivors take a beasting

    Half of All Remaining NFL Survivor Pool Contestants Were Just Eliminated

    Survivor pools have taken off in recent years. They are the most popular type of NFL pool there is. The promise of a big payout at the end of the season keeps people motivated. The contest sounds easy...
  • Evan Mobley drafted by the Cavs

    Favorites to Win 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year

    If you missed it, the 2022 NBA draft took place at the end of July and went on pretty much as expected. Oklahoma State freshman Cade Cunningham was expected to be the first player drafted. When the De...
  • Super Bowl 55 Prop Results

    List of Super Bowl 55 Winning Prop Bets

    The Super Bowl is in the books now. The game was exciting for a while then it just kind of died a slow death. Brady and his guys were just too much for the Chiefs. The Bucs easily won and covered the ...
  • Super Bowl history and betting results for each game

    History of Super Bowl Betting and Every Result

    With the big game kicking off tomorrow evening, we thought we would put together a complete history of Super Bowl spreads, totals and results. Sports betting was already very much in fashion when Supe...
  • election results payout

    Have Sportsbooks Declared a Winner in the Presidential Election?

    One way you can get a true reading on how something is really shaking out is by what Vegas (or offshore) are doing with the odds on the subject matter. Sportsbooks are not in the business of predictin...
  • nfl wrap up week 2 betting 2018

    NFL Week 2 Betting Wrap Up and Linesmaker Quote

    Last night’s MNF game was the end cap to another exciting weekend of NFL football. There were some mild upsets as far as the teams the general public thought were going to win. Also, numerous up...

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