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Shopping for Best Futures Odds is Definitely Worth Your Time

Scott Morris | November 23, 2021
shopping for best long odds

I’m writing this article because I made the mistake of depositing at a sportsbook without checking out the lines first. I want to pass the lesson on to you.

I deposited at a sportsbook to throw a hundred on heavy underdog Cincinnati Bearcats to win the national title. Why not make the post-season exciting by rooting for an undefeated underdog? It wasn’t until I got into place the best I realized I had screwed up.

I was expecting to get 50-1 odds but instead was seeing half that. This is what happens if you assume the odds are the same everywhere. Usually shorter odds are pretty fairly close together. The longer odds is where you will see massive disparity. Spending an extra 5 minutes shopping can literally make you thousands of dollars.

Case and point can be made if you check the odds table below. You will see the odds for the top 6 teams to win the national title. The shorter odds are all pretty similar. The longer shot teams have odds that vary wildly.
Ohio State+275+275+300
Michigan +4000+3500+4000


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