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Fury vs Whyte Betting Handle Report

April 23, 2022
Tyson Fury Pick

The big heavyweight championship fight tonight has already drawn plenty of action. One top online  sportsbooks we talked to has already received 7 figures in total wagers on the fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte. is reporting that a full 98% of the action they have booked has been on heavy favorite and current champion Tyson Fury. That is the most lopsided action we have seen on a fight in a while. What makes it even more interesting is that the line has actually come down on Fury instead of going up.

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Fury opened at -600 when the fight was announced months ago and stayed that way until late this week when Fury odds shortened. Its always interesting when you have a heavy favorite being bet very lopsidedly yet the line shortens. It’s one of those signs that make us assign more value to the underdog, in this case at +425. That and the fact that the over/under for the fight is 9.5 rounds. All signs point to an upset though its hard picturing Fury actually losing anytime soon. He is in great shape and spirits.

Fury Junior is on the Card

If you cannot bring yourself to bet the main event you can always look at the undercard. This card actually features Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy who is an extreme -2000 favorite over Daniel Bocianski.

Wild Shot

Tyson Fury at -550 is not outrageous odds. If you really like him and don’t mind betting alongside the vast majority of bettors then go for it. But if you want to have some fun and don’t mind possibly losing a few bucks in exchange for a chance at a mega payout then check out this scenario.

One way that Tyson Fury can be beat is if he is heavily distracted. What would be more distracting that watching his younger brother get beat on the undercard? Tyson goes into his fight worried about his kid brother and puts up a less than stellar effort and loses the fight.

Now what if you took that scenario above and bet it in a parlay? What would that payout? The answer is an amazing 56/1. And the heaviest lifting of the parlay rests on the shoulders of a relatively inexperienced 22 year old boxer. If Tyson Fury loses it would most likely be a decision. We have seen his jaw. Its ironclad. Now take the over 9.5 rounds and make a separate three teamer. What would that payout? 120-1! Stranger things have happened.

BetOnlien doesnt allow betThis can be a fun bet if your sportsbook allows it. I teamed it up in BetOnline and everything looked fine. Only after I deposited money and tried to bet it did I get the warning that the bet will not be accepted because it is “related”. This is a warning you might see when betting say an underdog and an under in the same football game but betting two underdogs in two different fights seems like it should be legitimate. I am not sure how the fights are related. Because they are brothers? (Shaking my head.)

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