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NFL Handicapping Contest – Early Bird Special

July 21, 2022
NFL Handicapping contest 2022

When it comes to real money NFL handicapping contests there are only a few online that are worth the time and effort. One of those is put on every year by the good folks at

2022 is no different than any other year. The sportsbook is putting on a contest which will collect a $100 fee from each participant and pay out a total of $500,000 in prizes. First place prize is $200,000. I am sure you can find something good to do with that money.

How it Works

You pick five games every week against the spread. The top 200 finishers are all in the money and split a total of $500K. You can actually take advantage of an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL and purchase 5 total entries for just $275, maximizing your chances to win and getting a bulk discount at the same time. You also get a free entry into the $200,000 Survivor contest.

Survivor Contest

Speaking of the Survivor Contest, this contest is really a hit with players as well. You must pick one team each week that will win straight up. As the season goes on it gets harder to pick a straight-up winner. The good news is that you can purchase up to 25 total entries and these will be discounted the more entries you buy.

Hot to Play

  1. Signup at
  2. Deposit using credit card or crypto
  3. Navigate to “Contest” section
  4. Click “Enter Contest” under the $500K Handicapping Contest

Here you will see the option to take advantage of the Early Bird Special

Good Luck!


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