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2023 World Series Odds – Dodgers Not Astros are Favored

November 6, 2022
2023 world series odds

The 2022 MLB World Series corpse isn’t even cold yet and here we are talking about the 2023 series. Such is life in the sports betting business. It’s never too soon to take a look at how oddsmakers are viewing the upcoming season. Sure, there are off-season deals which have yet to be made but these odds are based on information available right now and are subject to change over time.

The Dodgers keep getting top billing in the offseason simply based on the amount of talent in which they posses. It surely is not based on actual performance. They only managed to win one World Series with the current edition of the team and age and time are not on their side. Kershaw is throwing more junk than he used to in order to make up for lost velocity. At what point does he say he has had enough?

Naturally the Astros are number 2 on the list. They too are packed with talent and will be making another run at the title in 2023. Modestly surprising is the fact that the Braves are listed over the Yankees to win it all next year. This is because the Braves are reloading with youth and the Yankees are getting older and have yet to make any earth-shattering deals for the 2023 lineup.

2023 World Series Odds

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Team Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers+450
Houston Astros+550
Atlanta Braves+800
New York Yankees+900
Toronto Blue Jays+900
New York Mets+1000
Philadelphia Phillies+1200
San Diego Padres+1400
Chicago White Sox+1400
St. Louis Cardinals+1600
Seattle Mariners+2000
Milwaukee Brewers+2000
Tampa Bay Rays+2200
Boston Red Sox+2500
San Francisco Giants+2500
Los Angeles Angels+3000
Minnesota Twins+3500
Cleveland Guardians+3500
Baltimore Orioles+3500
Miami Marlins+4500
Detroit Tigers+5000
Texas Rangers+5000
Chicago Cubs+5000
Kansas City Royals+6600
Arizona Diamondbacks+7500
Colorado Rockies+8000
Cincinnati Reds+9000
Pittsburgh Pirates+9000
Oakland Athletics+10000
Washington Nationals+10000


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